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Jim knows it is not enough to simply believe in and talk good policy; you must also put in the work to get it done. Jim is known best for tackling the state's problems with common sense, conservative solutions.  Bound by the time-tested principles of individual liberty, limited government, and responsible fiscal discipline, Jim has lead the  push to make those principles a policy reality.  (Read More)


Jim Hendren Proven Leadership


Senator Hendren understands the value a job can bring to every Arkansan. Jim has fought for free-market policies which allowed our job market to thrive. Whether reducing unnecessary government red-tape, eliminating and reducing licensing barriers, or making it easier for licenses from other states to be accepted, Jim has worked to grow jobs.

Now Arkansas is faced with another downturn.  With his proven track record as a job creator, Jim will fight to bring jobs back to every Arkansan affected by COVID19

Jim Hendren Proven Leadership

Lower Taxes

Senator Hendren has been a leading advocate for lowering taxes on hardworking Arkansans. Prior to his election, the Legislature raised taxes nearly every single session.  Jim worked to change that trend.

Since he was elected, Jim has worked to reduce the tax burden on hardworking taxpayers by nearly 500 million dollars, lowering income, sales, property, and business taxes for every Arkansan.  Jim continues to fight to eliminate special tax exemptions and instead bring relief to all Arkansans.

Jim Hendren Proven Leadership


It is crucial that we prepare the next generation for the workforce so our children and grandchildren can thrive in a global economy.

Senator Hendren has pushed for pay raises for our teachers and led the effort to shore-up their retirement system. Jim supported giving parents a choice in their children's school, invested in computer coding programs and broadband in our high schools and expanded state scholarships to include  vocational training and 2-year universities.  

Jim Hendren Proven Leadership


Jim Hendren, a veteran of the United States Air Force, values our veterans and active duty members of the military. He will put their needs first, just as they put their country first.

Jim championed legislation which allows the training veterans receive in the military to pre-qualify them to receive work licenses in the same field. He also passed reform to allow the occupational licenses of military spouses to automatically transfer to Arkansas.


Hendren also spearheaded exempting military retirement pay from income taxes.  This makes Arkansas an attractive place for retiring veterans to locate,  often beginning second careers or opening small business, adding value to Arkansas' economy.

Jim Hendren Proven Leadership

Health Care 

Jim knows we have to make health care more affordable and accessible to every Arkansan, which begins with the way medicine is delivered. 

In 2015, Jim supported a series of Medicaid reforms which will result in $835 million in savings to taxpayers over the next five years. The reforms included work/volunteer requirements for abled-bodied-working-adults without children and requiring people to live in Arkansas to receive Arkansas benefits.


Long before the COVID19 crisis, Jim supported expanding  access to telemedicine and giving RN's and APRN's opportunity to expand their scope of practice.  This will provide the much needed health care access in this crisis we now face.

Jim Hendren Proven Leadership


Government can't do everything, but it  is essential that government gets the fundamentals RIGHT - our safety net, infrastructure, security, education, property rights and protecting our freedoms.

Jim worked to keep government focused on the priorities by conservative budgeting and  by eliminating wasteful earmarks, duplicative boards/commissions, and needless regulation, saving taxpayers millions.  This frees up resources and helps Arkansas government focus on what matters most.